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One of the main activities of the LStat is the organization of its statistical consulting service. The LStat serves as the main pivot to determine the ideal combination between the customer and the most appropriate university entity.

Statistical consultancy is performed within the university as well as for companies and organisations from outside the university. We offer you advice on specific problems or we can perform the data analysis by ourselves and supply you with deeper insight in your data.



internal consulting

The LStat provides statistical help for different university research groups and for the central administration of the university. The first hour of this kind of first-line consulting is provided free of charge.





external consulting

LStat uses the administrative help of Leuven Research and Development (LRD) in the negotiation of the contracts with industries and the private sector.
We have experience with major financial companies, international institutions, manufacturers, medical organisations, marketing companies, FMCG as well as small and medium sized companies.
Our solutions range from basic regression, multivariate techniques, analysis of variance, data mining, proces control, to risk theory, categorical data analysis, longitudinal analysis and tailor-made simulations and calculations.