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About us


Main activities

The main activities of the LStat refer to teaching, research and consulting within and outside the university.


The Leuven Statistics Research Centre (LStat) has been created in 1988 as an interfaculty institute, providing a coordinating link between all university research centers dealing with statistics. Currently about 25 such centers, (spread over 11 different faculties) are involved in the activities of the LStat.


Organization / Structure

General Assembly
Steering Committee
Education Committee Research Committee Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Committee
Executive Committee

All of the contributing faculties are represented in the General Assembly that consists of some 45 academics, appointed by the respective faculty deans. The Steering Committee (Stuurgroep) consists of a subset of the General Assemby and is chaired by a President, elected by the General Assemby.

The day-to-day management is taken care of by the Executive Committee (Directiecomité) that consists of the chairpersons of the Research Committee, the Education Committee, the Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Committee and the Steering Committee.

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